Dr. Seuss's ABC - Read & Learn App Reviews

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Amazing app!!!

This is such a wonderful app for my preschool age son. He loves it and did the entire thing in one go. Cant wait to go back to it.

Dr. Interactive

A wonderful interactive book. My daughter loves finding the hidden stars and playing the mini games inside.

Very educational

My 3 year old loves this game. Its very educational and interactive.

Excellent app

Excellent app! Im thrilled with this and it is very easy to use while entertaining for my daughter.


So funny and distracting for my baby. I love it

Interactive Fun

My son clapped and cheered as he discovered hidden stars and animated fun. Better than a pop up book!

Great app

My son is 3 months old and I love to read to him. He likes looking at the animations while I read to him and it keeps him interacted.

Fun, engaging

A great adaptation of this book. Interactive activities add to the quality of this book.

Loved by 5 year old

My granddaughter who just turned 5 loves this very interact app. She can easily handle it. It is very educational.

Kids love it!

One of my kindergarten students used my iPad with this app and I thought Id never get it back! She loved it!!

Wonderful childrens game!

Excellent and interactive.

Great app!

Thank you!

Great app for toddlers

This is such a great learning app for kids. And they love it!!

Wonderfully Fun!

Anything by Dr. Seuss is sure to be fun + educational. This is a fab app. My 2YO grandson loves it. Find and touch the stars for more learning fun.


My granddaughter loves this and plays it over and over. Great interactive fun!

Great app

This is a great game but I couldnt help being a little disappointed that it wasnt exactly like the game I had on pc as a kid. Not as many cute animations like the barber actually cutting the babies hair. And the characters talking.

Love this!

The animations are a nice touch. They bring the book to life without going over the top.

Dr Suess

Great app nice way to introduce the old to the young

Great for little ones

My 3 year old grand daughter loves this game.


I downloaded this app in advance of being with my then 15 month old granddaughter for several family events this summer. She was mesmerized! She began to hand me my phone every time we had downtime so we could "play, Grandma, pleeeze!" Now she shouts out letters as she recognizes them on peoples shirts, on signs, everywhere! Love it!

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